Photos of Moscow preparing to New Year 2019 and Christmas (40 photos)

December 25, 2018
Lubyanskaya Square.

Nikolskaya street.

Manezhnaya Square.

Tverskaya street.

3000 x 1247, 1819Kb The monument to Yuri Dolgoruky.

Moscow City Hall.

Rossiya Theatre.

The monument to Alexander Pushkin.

Christmas tree in front of "The Battle of Borodino" Panorama Museum.

Triumphal Arch of Moscow.

Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill.

There is a Tsar-Cannon, and this is The Tsar-Christmas toy.

Christmas tree near the metro Frunzenskaya.

Christmas tree at the entrance to the zoo.

"I'm taking happiness" is an art installation with a retro car in front of the zoo.

Christmas tree in the Park «Krasnogvardeiskie Prudy».

Skyscraper on Kudrinskaya Square.

Acid Peacock.

Northern Butovo. The intersection of Grin street and the Boulevard of Dmitry Donskoy

Umka bear at Rostokino.

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