15 years since October 3-4, 1993

October 4, 2008
In commemoration of last romantics of the Soviet epoch.

On a sunny morning of October, 4 1993, at the walls of the White House, under explosions of shells and bullets of snipers died hundreds of people – men, women, youth. They, those last romantics of the Soviet epoch, came from different cities of the then our immense country – USSR, pitched tents, placed posters and leaflets, ignited candles at the self-made iconostasis. They believed that they would be able to defend the elected by the people Supreme Soviet, would prevent accroachment of power in the hands of «tsar Boris» that betrayed everybody, and the most important, - to stand up for the right of people to sway their own destinies. Alas, they were not so many. The country continued with their own life, and even in Moscow there was very little known of what was going on at the walls of the White House.

Who, at the dawn of October, 4 1993, smashed up the mini-town and barricades at the White House, where did the bodies of those killed disappear, how many were they? Till now there is no honest reply to that.

When the tent-town was already ablaze, and in the neighbouring yards ineradicable «paramilitary security» and alien snipers finished off with defenders, tanks came to the White House and in front of the whole world staged a TV show – execution of the parliament.

15 years passed since that tragic day that radically changed our life: Russia and its people were yielded to be torn by wild capitalism.

With every passing year more and more people in our country realize from which trouble those October heroes tried to protect them with their bodies, for what reason they died the death of martyrs. More and more people come to honour their memory. And again you can hear: «Nobody is forgotten! Nothing is forgotten!»

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