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The monument to Anton Chekhov

The monument to Anton Chekhov
March 19, 2006
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Chekhov is the pride and glory of the world literature, his works belong to the greatest values that Russia gave to the humanity.

The first Chekhov's monument was installed in Germany almost 100 years ago. In Russia (exclusive of the monument in Novodevichie Cemetary) Chekhov's monuments appeared only in 1950-s.

Chekhov's monument in Moscow was installed only in 1998 on the 100-th anniversary of Moscow Arts Theatre that bears the writer's name.

Chekhov stands in the Kamergerskiy lane and watches over the theatre, he has created. The author of the monument is a famous Russian sculptor - Mikhail Anikoushin. He depicted the writer as a tall, sad and lonely amid the Moscow bustle

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