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Hotel "Mezhdunarodnaya"

Hotel Mezhdunarodnaya
January 12, 2005
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The "Mezhdunarodnaya" Hotel - one of the first atrium hotels in the world - is an architectural embodiment of a multifunctional hotel complex. The Hotel is an integral part of WTC Moscow - a city within a city, where one can find everything for business and leisure. The guestrooms reveal a panoramic view of the capital and the Moskva-river. Located adjacent to the hotel, there is an old park, a surviving part of a country estate, dating back to 17-18 century. The park boasts of tennis courts and aqua-park.

Mezhdunarodnaya Hotel meets the highest standards and can satisfy the most refined tastes of businessmen and tourists. It provides the finest, most complete lodging and conferencing facilities, accommodating both corporate meetings and weekend leisure needs, which makes it the premier meeting venue in Moscow. Comfort, elegance, high technology and security - there is every condition to meet the concept "the elite hotel".


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Hotel Mezhdunarodnay
March 18, 2007
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