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Moscow taxi service

I am very sorry.

This service is currently unavailable

But if you have any questions regarding arriving to Moscow or the staying in the city, write me.

If you need an airport transfer in Moscow (airport-city, city-airport or airport-airport)

Sheremetyevo-1,2 ⇔ Moscow 1500 roubles
Domodedovo ⇔ Moscow
Vnukovo ⇔ Moscow
Vnukovo ⇔ Domodedovo
Sheremetyevo-1,2 ⇔ Vnukovo 2000 roubles
Sheremetyevo-1,2 ⇔ Domodedovo

Night hours taxi - from 10:00pm till 07:00am:
400 roubles/hour, minimal order 600 roubles

$1 = 34 roubles or €1 = 44 roubles

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