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The monument to Mikhail Lermontov

Mikhail Lermontov monument
March 9, 2006
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The monument to the great Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov is erected near the place where once the house, where he was borne in 1814, used to stand. The author of the monument is I.D. Brodsky.

The idea to erect the monument near the house, where the poet was borne, was conceived in 1940. By the time of erection of the monument the new high-rise building was built at the place of the old two-storey building. That is why the monument had to be erected in the garden at the square. It happened in 1965.

A five-meter high statue on the four-meter cylinder pedestal is located in the center of the rectangular granite ground, limited from one side by a decorative through screen, created to the motives of Lermontov's works . Near the entrance to the ground there is a stele with a quotation from his poem Sashka: Oh Moscow, Moscow... I love you like a son, like Russian, - gently, ardently and strong!

The monument is located not from the metro station Krasnyie vorota. This is one of the most beautiful metro stations.

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